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+ Decorate your own online event space within minutes.
+ Host lifelike showfloors, meetups, get-togethers.
+ Transport your brand's message and include sponsors.
+ Amaze your audience beyond webinars.
+ Flexible and cost-efficient.

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MEETYOO Go software for virtual conferences

Create your virtual environment in easy steps.

Event Templates
Virtual Environments have proven to be more engaging than regular video meetings or webinars. Don't shy away because its complex. Now everyone can build a digital venue within minutes.
Live Sessions

We deliver your live keynotes or pre-recorded videos to global audiences with up to 50.000 people at the same time. Include Q&A, Polls, and Live Chat to create a real interactive experience.


Include multiple sponsor placements. Generate high-quality leads at your product booth. Acquire visitors, sell tickets, and re-engage audiences via email automation. 

Virtual Showfloor

Showcase your products at customizable trade fair booths. Engage with interested prospects in person with 1-1 video chats, and use the booth as an always-on virtual showfloor for consultation intense solutions.

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More than 1,000,000 users trust MEETYOO

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Virtual Events with MEETYOO

Do-it-yourself Virtual Environments

With MEETYOO Go it is possible to create your unique event environment within minutes. Choose from our selection of virtual environment templates and create your own event fast and easy.

+ Customize your template-based event environment with your corporate colors and logos
+ Add advertising banners and include sponsors in predefined areas on the platform
+ Flexibly draft your event layout and create unlimited rooms within your event venue
+ Edit the names of the doors and passages in the main hall which lead to your auditorium or exhibitor area
+ Add interactive elements such as chats and polls where you need them

3D Virtual Event Software
A closer look at the intuitive event builder interface
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MEETYOO Go software for virtual conferences

Lead Generation, Product Presentation, Networking

Online Tradeshow Booth
Custom booths for fairs, product presentations, and trainings
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With MEETYOO Go you own an always-on Virtual Space. Use it as a personal showfloor for consultation-intensive products. Host virtual meetups for networking and create lifelike networking environments.

+ Create an unlimited number of virtual booths in your expo hall for product presentation and networking
+ Choose from lifelike 3D booth templates and make it your own by adding logos, banners, and videos
+ Engage with text and video chats - either 1-1 or with up to 5 participants
+ Upload a photo of your sales agent to create a personal booth avatar or choose from a wide range of stock avatars
+ Showcase your product through individual content libraries with documents, links, and videos
+ Monitor your ROI with downloadable user behavior reports, statistics, and visitor numbers
Online Summit with MEETYOO

Jump in and build unique experiences

We have built the perfect solution that allows anyone to create meetings in virtual environments. Profit from low cost, less involved manpower, more planning flexibility, and faster time to Go Live. MEETYOO Go is an affordable Digital Experience Platform for everyone, based on market-proven design templates.

Create you online event within minutes

Create Virtual Experiences Within Minutes


With MEETYOO Go you can maximize your event ROI. Easily include multiple sponsor placements. Generate high-quality leads at your product booth. Acquire visitors, sell tickets, and re-engage audiences via email automation. 

Invite Large Audiences
Our platform supports live conferences withup to 50,000 participants – without lag or increased loading times. Our browser-based interface allows anyone to participate directly and comfortably – worldwide.
Bullet-Proof Stability

We rely on up-to-date server technologies which are proven to be stable in the most delicate situations. Our security standards exceed the expectations of multinationals, banks, and federal offices.


Lead Scoring

Our high-end reports offer in-depth statistics and records of all user activity. Examine the success of your event and generate marketing-qualified leads for your clients while increasing your ROI.


Interaction with Visitors

Leverage interactive communication and online networking features, such as private and public chats, and video calls to your advantage. Additional features include polls, live Q&As, and breakout sessions.

Security & Data Privacy

We provide data security made in Germany. We are ISO-certified and our services are 100% GDPR compliant. No need to worry about your business-critical information - data protection is key!

Online Summit with MEETYOO

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MEETYOO Go is like renting a digital event venue online at a fixed and transparent price. You can redecorate and repurpose it - update and use it all year round, as many times as needed.

* The first 30 days after the go-live of your registration page, you can use the full MEETYOO Go functionality to organize amazing events.

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